more clutches

09/08/2012 § 2 Comments

Another batch of clutches for Urban Air Market – September 16th!

This one is sitting out in the sun to get a nice patina, and also to mold the bottom out a little so you can fit more goodies inside.  The leather is from Hermann Oaks Leather in St. Louis – which I am completely happy with because, as you know, over here at Pennyroyal we are all about American manufacturing!  Oh yeah!!  All the little strings still need to be hand sewn in, but I think ,all in all, it is a good looking and functional clutch.  Nice and sturdy, too.  Because you would not want your pretty little night-time goodies to go flying out all over the side walk!

A friend asked me today if I had thought about dying the leather with tarragon or alkanet, which is funny, because I was just wondering earlier in the day if it would be possible to use my favorite dye combination – logwood + iron – to get the leather a nice grey color.  I am going to test it out next week.  See what kind of mess I can make.  Hopefully a beautiful one!

And…I am on Twitter now.  PennyroyalCA.  I am still trying to work out the language – and what the heck I am suppose to tweet about!  But people said I should do it, so what the heck.  There I am.

Ta ta for now.  Enjoy the weekend.  Love your friends.  Kiss your family.



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§ 2 Responses to more clutches

  • paintlater says:

    Hi Your Royal designess, I think I may have muddled you – I’m not Penny either – I was saying “Thanks Penny” referring to you.
    Anyways… it got me back to your blog which is just so beautifully presented. I love your work, it has an earthy natural feel but is so simply elegant. Persist with twitter, you’ll love it. It took me a while to realise why but I will follow you and I am sure once people see what you do they will flock. Cheers and I’m Sue, nice to meet you!

    • Tee hee! That is funny. And thank you for all your nice words. Thank you thank you thank you. And twitter I will. I will muddle through it all. Ugg. Keep writing. Because I loooooove reading.

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