2.21.12 New in the shop today

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A new pillow for the shop today.  You can find it here.   My new goal is to get at least 4 new items in the shop per week.  Hopefully more.  Including some nice naturally dyed linen napkin sets – because everyone deserves nice cloth napkins – and a great new bag I have a sketch for.

This is the new packaging I came up with for some of the goodies sold in the shop.  Cute muslin bag with a small blue antler hand painted on wool felt.  It has a nice drawstring and can be reused for whatever your little hearts desire.  I like it.

And finally, a new batch of natural dye for a napkin order.  The color came out really pretty.  In the left over soup I added some minerals and got a soft grey-pink.  Still deciding what I should make with the left over fabric.

On to other news…we went bird watching this weekend, which we are always doing to some extent.  But this time we took binoculars and our Western Bird Book.  Wow.  Nerd alert!  We identified 19 species of birds in our neighborhood.  Which was completely addicting once we started.  And we ignored all our other chores.  Next year we want to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, a joint project of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, The Audubon Society, and Canadian Partner, Bird Studies Canada.  But for now we are obsessed with naming all the little black, brown and grey birds in our backyard.  What is it about grouping and naming things that we are so driven to do?  Mystery.

Have a lovely week.  Treat yourself well.



2.14.12 Just for fun and a giggle.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Big, sloppy, wet dog kisses for everyone.


2.8.12 Kapital – Japanese Sashiko Fabric Tote

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find out more here.

A friend sent me the link for this bag today with the subject “thought of you.”  Which is a very big complement.  Thank you a million times over.  I would love to apprentice in Kapital’s workshop for a day or two.

So today is the big day…the day I have been mulling over in my head for months – perhaps years would be more accurate.  It may have even been a lifetime.  Today is the day I begin to stitch together the fabric for a the Victorian Parlor chair  which has been sitting in my garage, ever so patiently, waiting for me to get my confidence together to tackle the project.  I know this will be a long process.  I am resigned to the fact that for a stretch of time I will hate my work.  I will feel incredibly uncomfortable and I will want to quit.  I am also resigned to the fact that I will keep sewing.  And eventually, I will reach the point where I look down and smile and know I have created something good.   It always works like that.  The same predictable evolution.  The difficult part is remembering that I have been there before.  Remembering that the discomfort is a natural part of my creative process.  And after getting a bolster of confidence from the Kapital tote above, I have to say, I am quite excited to begin the journey again.


2.7.12 The Clutter in my Brain

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A small peek into my mind/work space.  As you can see, it is a little cluttered today.  I spent the day digging through fabric, dying some, cutting more, making piles all over the sitting room.  I am preparing to cover a beautiful, old, Victorian parlor chair.  It will be my first cover with my own fabric – hand dyed, hand stitched in my own rustic industrial fiber art design.  A tad intimidating.  Hence…the work space and clutter in the brain.  All will be well.  Just have to push on.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Bright and new.  And clean.  xoxo

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This is really, really cool. Today I was going to trek on down to the MOMA to get some fresh inspiration. Two sick kids prevented it. But this is helping.

2.3.12 Much better

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Here are some pictures – much better than the ones I took yesterday – of the first pillow in a whole new series.  This one is 16″x11″.  The work on the top is all hand done.  And, as always, the fabric is naturally hand dyed.  They are stuffed with earth friendly Kapok fiber which is a absolute bear to work with, but makes lovely soft pillows and helps preserve the rain forests of South America so I will put up with my mild discomfort.  From now on, each pillow will be a removable cover that comes with an insert.  I am not so fond of the way you can not fully immerse this one if it gets dirty.  I will put some in the shop this weekend. xoxo

2.2.12 Dub with Strings

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What we are listening to over here…sit back…relax…breathe.  And a little bit of what I have been working on.  Terrible photo.  But a really beautiful little pillow.  Will try to take some better shots tomorrow and get it up in the shop.  Goodnight.  Sleep tight.  xoxo

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