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12.29.11 Great Day

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Today was a great day.  We spent it with our family.  A group of 5 cousins total.  Loving each other all day long.  And the 4 “grown ups.”  Loving each other all day long.  The top picture is where we went.  A tiny beach up past Bodega in Sonoma County.  I can’t tell you the name of the beach…because then I would have to kill you.  But suffice to say, it’s the kind of place you can loose yourself staring out over the ocean.  The kind of place where boredom is not in the vocabulary.  It was beautiful.  Overcast, but with the occasional sun ray hitting the water on the horizon.  The ocean was rough, but there was no wind.  There were seals playing in the water…and kids playing on the shore.  The photo above is my rock star looking son.  He reminds me of an Oregon rocker in this picture.  In all the good ways.  I am sure the back of his plaid jacket has ZOSO embroidered on it.  I sure love that little booger.  So, anyway…it was a great day.  One of the rare ones where you feel totally at home and like you belong.  Which I guess is the beauty of family.  I can’t really put my finger on why it is that way.  Why it is different with family.  But it is.  It’s special.  It doesn’t always work that way, I know.  But when it does, there is nothing better.



The photos above are part of a new colleciton of goods I am making.  This is an extra large bag – hand dyed in a nice blue/gray color.  I lined the inside with a brushed cotton plaid I stumbled upon.  I have been trying to move away from store bought fabrics – but come on…it’s orange plaid!  I couldn’t help myself.  The stitching detail is made up of strips of remnants.  Some hand dyed, some ticking.  I work the sewing machine back and forth until I get the kind of pattern and texture I am looking for.  I have coined it “rustic industrial” because it is not a finished look – hence the rustic – but it is also inspired by grain silos, barns and factories – hence the industrial.  It’s mine and I love it.  Oh…and I am a little obsessed by it.  When I wake in the middle of the night, it’s what I think about.  It is, apparently, almost all I think about.  But, as I have mentioned before, my ever loving family has unlimited patience with me.  xoxo

12.18.11 Fun with Grandma

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So this is the mischeif my little ones got into with Grandma while I was sitting at the sewing machine.  I think it turned out rather well.  Let’s see how much of the candy is left by Christmas.

And this is what I got up to.  The newest color in what I have decided is my nature inspired “line.”  My dear friend Meloni – who many of you know and love as I do – suggested I admit to myself and say out loud what I really want.  Which is my own home furnishings line.  So there.  I said it.  So…again…this is the newest color in what is my nature inspired line.  I am also working on a geometric line and will have some to show you by the end of the year.  I really need to do some brainstorming on the names.  Because right now they are lame.  But, all things in good time.

Below are some pictures of a clutch that was ordered by a very sweet husband for his even sweeter wife!  How’s that for love.

12.10.11 Made Local Marketplace

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I took myself up to Santa Rosa today to the Made Local Marketplace, 531 Fifth Street, which is right down town.  The Marketplace sells just what it says.  Goods made in Sonoma County.  And only in Sonoma County.  Which I think is pretty neat.  So…I drove up the beautiful Petaluma Hill Road with a car full of lovely items from my workshop.  And now, a nice selection of my pillows and bags is on the shelves.  And I couldn’t be more pleased.  It is my first time having my goods in an actual brick and mortar store.

The cute little star bag on top is the newest result of my playtime.  I found these red stars in a junk shop years ago and squirreled them away in the clutch I was carrying.  You could say they stayed there because I forgot to empty my bag, but I like to put a more positive spin on it.  So yesterday I was digging through my purses looking for a good size bag to turn some lovely hand dyed fabric into, when what should I stumble upon…the red stars.  Seemed like a match made in heaven.  I have two stars left.  I think I will make variations of the same bag – which is, as you can see above, sitting on the shelf of Made Local Marketplace!  So cool. xoxo

12.04.11 experiments in color

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First thing today, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has been so great and supportive since I started Pennyroyal.  I feel so much love and am overflowing with gratitude to have people like you in my life.  Blessed.  Really blessed.  You all make me smile.  xoxo

Yesterday I finally got some time to play around with the new natural dyes I received in the mail.  I have been trying to get some darker colors – more grays.  The purples, oranges and pinks are fun to use and the colors are really pretty, but, I have been on the hunt for something richer.  Darker.  Moodier.  So, yesterday I got to play chemist again.  With my big pot of bubbling liquid emanating strange smells.  This was my first attempt so there is lots of room for improvement and variation.  I have to say, however, I am really, really happy with the way it turned out.  The fabric in the photo is a natural light cotton canvas.  The final color after washing and drying is a soft, washed out dark gray with a background of blue almost purple.  This I am going to use for a custom clutch on order.  The clutch will be similar to the one in my etsy shop – lovely little indigo dyed clutch – but bigger – longer.  With the top fold over made out of vintage fabric.  Not sure what yet, but something lovely.  And lined with some other gorgeous, soft vintage fabric.

It is also time for another trip to Urbanburp, my all time favorite fabric store.  I am on the hunt for some more winter colors.  Oranges.  Reds.   Who knows…maybe they will have some really great plaid.  I could have fun for days with some good plaid.



12.1.11 my nook

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It may look a little barren right now, but it is the start of something beautiful.  And won’t everyone here be happy to have their dining table back.  So some of the work that needed to be done – before more work gets done – has been, well…done.  It feels good to have a little spot in the house that is my own.  My nook.  I also managed – keep your fingers crossed – to navigate somewhat successfully through fb and start a pennyroyal fb page.  Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who have taken a look.  I am so lucky to have you all.  Lucky me, lucky me.  Okay…off to the camera store so I can possible wrangle up a new camera.  Not that I am not grateful for the camera on my phone which took the somewhat decent photo above.  But, to have one that takes great shots of my work, that would be lovely.  xoxo

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